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Xtava recalls two models of hair dryers due to potential fire issues


The U.S. Consumer Protection Agency announced that Xtava is recalling two models of hair dryers — the Allure and Allure Pro 2200W ionic ceramic hair dryers.

According to the USCPA, Xtava has received 193 reports of the hair dryers or power cords overheating, melting, exploding or catching fire, including 18 reports of burns and two reports of a minor electrical shock. Four of the reported burn incidents resulted in a blister to the hand, wrist or finger. One consumer reported a severe burn.

The items were hand-held dryers, black or white in color, and include a concentrator nozzle. They were sold separately or as part of various hair-care kits that included hair treatment products, a flat iron, or a diffuser. Many of the units have a label located on the back of the unit with the following SKU numbers: XTV010001, XTV010001N, XTV010002, or XTV010002N. All of the affected units have…

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Must Watch: Times Square’s Naked Cowboy Asked About President Trump; His Answer Will Shock You…

Trigger Reset

This guy ROCKS, and makes more sense than ANY DEMOCRAT has for the past five decades…

Play full-screen for best viewing, and CRANK IT UP!!!

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STOP THE RAIDS – Malaysia To Take Action

The Human Lens

Press Statement  – August 16th 2018



Tackle The Root Problems And Find Solutions To Protect The Rights Of All

The present raids and incarceration of migrant workers and refugees being conducted under Ops Mega 3.0 need to stop. They are arbitrary and xenophobic.  They are criminalising the wrong people. And therefore they do not tackle the root causes of the persistent problem of the massive numbers of undocumented workers in Malaysia.

The heavy dependence of our economy on the contribution of migrant workers, including the labour of refugees, is a reality that is seldom appreciated and acknowledged. Take away the migrant workers across sector upon sector of our economy, and our economy will collapse. However such a significant contribution completely contrasts with the way they are treated – the corruption, mistreatment, cheating, under-payment, exploitation, lack of…

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Trump, Erdogan quarrel, Turkish people suffer

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This video from the USA says about itself:

15 August 2018

Economist Heiner Flassbeck and political analyst Ekrem Ekici say Turkey’s economic crisis runs deeper than U.S. sanctions.

Not so long ago, United States President Donald Trump got along pretty well with his Turkish colleague and NATO military alliance partner Erdogan. Trump liked Erdogan being on the way to dictatorship; like he himself is.

However, like Trump started conflicts with North Korea; with Iran; with Canada; with Germany; with China; etc. etc. he now also started economic war with Turkey after the earlier collusion.

By Halil Celik in Turkey:

Turkish crisis hits working people

16 August 2018

The Turkish lira’s (TL) freefall depreciation against the US dollar and the euro has immediate repercussions on prices of goods and services, raising the official inflation rate to 15.4 percent in July—the highest level in…

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YPG Kills 10 of Turkey’s Terrorist Invaders In Afrin City Center

The Free

NOTE: ‘TheFreeOnline’ blog which translated the post below is now banned in Turkey with Dozens more pro Rojava and anti Fascist sites

The People’s Protection Units (YPG) on Wednesday said they killed 10 and injured another 20 in an attack on the Turkish army and the rebel al-Hamza Division group on Sunday.“Within the scope of the resistance in Afrin, our units continue to target the occupying Turkish army elements and their allied terrorist groups,” the YPG said in a statement.“On Aug. 12, our forces targeted Turkish troops and Firqat al-Hamza (Hamza Division) terrorists with two separate bombing operations on the road leading to the Tirandah neighborhood in Afrin city center,” said it added.

Kino Gabriel, Christian spokesman of the SDF: The priority, now, is Efrîn ..   August 13, 2018  from kurdiscat.
The Syrian Democratic Forces spokesman (SDF) has denied that military units of his militia are moving to…

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Equity president warns working class struggle to get into acting | Stage | The Guardian

Rogues & Vagabonds

Maureen Beattie, the president of Equity, says low pay and non-disclosure clauses are also key challenges for the union. Photograph: Sarah Lee for the Guardian Maureen Beattie, the president of Equity, says low pay and non-disclosure clauses are also key challenges for the union. Photograph: Sarah Lee for the Guardian

Working class youngsters who dream of becoming actors or performers are increasingly being kept out of the profession because of the cost and failures in the education system, the new president of Equity has warned.

Maureen Beattie became the union’s president last month after being elected unopposed. In her first interview, she has talked of the challenges ahead, including tackling harassment and bullying, pay, the union’s profile and the particular struggle for youngsters from less well-off backgrounds…

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