Poland is returning 1,000 tons of illegal waste shipped over from UK



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The reply button on your comment doesn’t work. Another Indy glitch!
Now, you see, I suspect, you suspect the whole lot is dumped in a giant skip and then dumped in the sea! Very cynical!
To be frank, I have no clue, so I looked it up.
Switzerland banned land fill disposal in 2000 and use high tech waste incineration. Controversial! Some say this is good, others that it is bad. There probably is an optimal way to do it and the swiss would certainly have investigated and spared no expense.
I have lived in Switzerland for nearly 20 years. I hate the swiss. Anally retentive, legalistic b*st*tds. But they are obsessed with cleanliness and they are constantly improving the infrastructure. The roads are like glass. I come to the UK and I can’t believe my eyes or the damage to my suspension. I was…

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