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Campaign | Oceana
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The oceans face a massive and growing threat from something you encounter everyday: plastics. An estimated 17.6 billion pounds of plastic leaks into the marine environment from land-based sources every year—this is roughly equivalent to dumping a garbage truck full of plastic into the oceans every minute.

A garbage truck’s-worth of plastic ends up
in the ocean every minute

As plastics continue to flood into our oceans, the list of marine species affected by plastic debris expands. Tens of thousands of individual marine organisms have been observed suffering from entanglement or ingestion of plastics permeating the marine environment—from zooplankton and fish, to sea turtles, marine mammals and seabirds.

Plastics never go away. Instead, they break down into smaller and smaller pieces, which act as magnets for harmful pollutants. When eaten by fish, some of those chemical-laden microplastics can work their way up the food…

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Poland is returning 1,000 tons of illegal waste shipped over from UK


uxinox – > It’sAWonderfulLife
The reply button on your comment doesn’t work. Another Indy glitch!
Now, you see, I suspect, you suspect the whole lot is dumped in a giant skip and then dumped in the sea! Very cynical!
To be frank, I have no clue, so I looked it up.
Switzerland banned land fill disposal in 2000 and use high tech waste incineration. Controversial! Some say this is good, others that it is bad. There probably is an optimal way to do it and the swiss would certainly have investigated and spared no expense.
I have lived in Switzerland for nearly 20 years. I hate the swiss. Anally retentive, legalistic b*st*tds. But they are obsessed with cleanliness and they are constantly improving the infrastructure. The roads are like glass. I come to the UK and I can’t believe my eyes or the damage to my suspension. I was…

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Petition · Rick Scott: Florida’s Gulf Coast is Dying! Millions of Dead Fish, Sea Turtles, Manatees and Dolphins! #ToxicTide ·


Florida’s Gulf Coast is Dying! Millions of Dead Fish, Sea Turtles, Manatees and Dolphins!
Florida Naturekeepers, Inc. started this petition to Governor Rick Scott

We are witnessing the death of our entire ecosystem.

First to die were the fish: smaller fish first then medium sized and all the way up to 250 lb Goliath Groupers. (Endangered)

Then went the endangered sea turtles: first the newly hatched babies and now the adults.

Then the sharks began to die: from harmless nurse sharks all the way up to whale sharks. (1st ever recorded whale shark to die from this.)

Then the manatees started dying: another of our endangered species. (With the body count nearing the thousand’s.)

Now the dolphins are washing up on shore and the birds have disappeared.

The convergence of four unique harmful blooms, including the deadly Cyanobacteria resulting from unfiltered toxic water being released en masse into the ocean…

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