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At our local newspaper you can read an interesting article about the election issues in Sweden that takes place in the beginning of September.

Here’s a google translation of the text if you are interested in reading the article.

After the summer’s record drought, fires, feed shortage with threatening emergency slaughter of animals, politicians are now charging to attract the voters’ voices. Has the environmental disaster affected their message to the voters? At the national level, improved crisis preparedness and increased resources for firefighting are promised. Agriculture will receive disaster support but some long-term plans with credible promises have not been presented to voters. A stable economy is important for everyone in society, but it is threatened if environmental problems continue to grow.

Even local voters are waiting for a…

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On High Alert – Croats of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Croatia, the War, and the Future

Slaven Raguz
Croatian Republican Party
Bosnia and Herzegovina

With October 7th general elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) approaching fast, preparations have entered into their final phase after all running political parties and independents have submitted their full candidates’ lists to the Central Election Commission (CIK), which among other things verifies candidates. This election comes in the middle of the country’s worst crisis since the 1992-1995 war and may not even lead to the establishment of new governments on all levels due to the broken election law and the competition among local political rivals is fierce, perhaps more fierce than ever.

Given that the BiH Constitution guarantees composition of BiH as a conglomerate of equals, i.e. three constitutional ethnic peoples (Bosniak, Croat and Serbs) and given that the equality status has not so far in practice been afforded to or asserted by the Croats the fierceness of electoral competition…

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