Vietnamese Buddhism has been strongly against eating dogs.

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Vietnamese Buddhism has been strongly against eating dogs.

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The full moon of the 7th East Asian Lunar month (That is the full Moon closest to 22nd of August) is the date for East Asian Buddhist people to go to pagodas to pray for their parents.

In the many religious stories for recital by these Buddhist people, there is a story of “Mục Liên Thanh Đề” carrying a stern warning against eating dog meat:

Once there was a lady named Thanh Đề. One of her misdeed was to feed the monks with dog meat [1].

“Thanh Đề was the mother of Mục Kiền Liên (also called Mục Liên). She was greedy, evil, not believing in the Three Jewels of Buddhism (Tam Bao in Vietnamese), committed serious sins, sowing so many “bad seeds” (of the theory of Karma). Therefore when she died she had to harvest…

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Facebook to banks: Hey, let us see your customers’ bank statements and card transactions, ok?

Petition: There’s No Laws Preventing Animal Cruelty in Pakistan, and That Needs to Change


by: Care2 Team
recipient: Prime Minister, Imran Khan

17,000 GOAL
Last month, after the Pakistani national elections, disgruntled members of a losing party, found a dog, draped it in the flag of the opposing party, tied it to a tree and filmed themselves shooting the dog multiple times.

A week prior, after the head of the political party PTI called supporters of an opposing party “donkeys”, PTI’s supporters attacked surrounded an actual donkey and beat it “to a pulp.” According to witnesses, the donkey had been punched in the face and abdomen, it’s nose was broken, it was covered in rope marks and a car had even plowed into its side. Animal rescuers found the poor being in a horrible state, but despite their efforts, it succumbed to its injuries and died within days.

In most countries, showing support for your preferred party or candidate can take many…

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Breaking! Animal Welfare Coalition Revels In Milestone Moment As Indonesian Government Agrees To Ban Barbaric Dog & Cat Meat Trade – World Animal News


By Lauren Lewis –
August 7, 2018

Photos from Dog Meat Free Indonesia
With an estimated 1,200 dogs being slaughtered and consumed every day by people in Surakarta, Central Java, it is especially positive news that the Indonesian government has finally agreed to ban the dog and cat meat trade. The landmark decision was made during the “National Coordination of Animal Welfare” which took place in Jakarta at the beginning of the month.
Dog Meat Free Indonesia (DMFI), which had a coalition in attendance, explained that the major breakthrough came when at the close of the meeting, all national participants agreed to issue a ban on the trade of dog and cat meat in Indonesia and to prohibit the issuance of health certification for dog and cat meat for human consumption.
The DMFI coalition, comprised of Animal Friends Jogja, Jakarta Animal Aid Network, Change For Animals Foundation, Humane Society International…

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