The Left Wants to Control Ohio Elections

Trump:The American Years

The person the Democrats nominate, whoever it is, will target Ohio as the missing piece to the puzzle they need to claim the Oval Office so they can pick up where Barack Obama left off. If they seize control of the Ohio secretary of state’s office and they control the machinery of government in the Buckeye State, they will set to work pressing their advantage. That is why Republicans are taking action: because winning the Ohio secretary of state’s race is absolutely vital to the integrity of our elections and the future of our country.Ken Blackwell, the former Ohio secretary of state, served on President Trump’s Commission on Election Integrity. He is a member of the Policy Board of the American Civil Rights Union.Liked this article?Donate to American Thinker to support more articles like this.Share Share | Twitter| Facebook| 139 Comments | Print | EmailFrom the WebInside The Stunning Transformation…

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Twitter is run by Democrat donors and activists

Trump:The American Years

After Twitter was caught last month “shadow-banning” Republicans, while giving Democrats unrestricted voice, the social-media giant insisted it has no political agenda. But records of its political contributions show board members, top executives and major shareholders have all given overwhelmingly to Democrats, including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, while snubbing Republicans and Donald Trump.Federal records reveal 80 percent of Twitter’s corporate PAC contributions in the 2018 election cycle have gone to Democratic candidates, none of whom are moderates. Liberal Democrats also got top dollar in the 2016 race.The lobbying records I reviewed, moreover, show Twitter has sought to influence Congress and federal agencies on behalf of Democratic causes and against President Trump’s policies.Vice News last month broke the story that Twitter limited the visibility of Republican Party Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and several Republicans leading Hill investigations into the Obama administration’s efforts to spy on the Trump campaign, including Reps. Devin…

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42,000-year-old worms revived from Siberian permafrost


Well, it looks like you can’t just freeze politicians and end their reign of terror. It turns out, they might still be thawed out 42,000 years later beginning again. The latest biology news was reported in Germany in A 42,000-year-old soil sample from Siberian permafrost contained nematodes. It was thawed and the soil contained worms which were brought back to life. This amazing event set the biology record for the period of time over which higher organisms can survive in cryogenic sleep. They reported that the worms began to move within a few weeks at 20 degrees Celsius in the Moscow laboratories and began to eat food.

There are two species of worm that have been discovered. Panagrolaimus nematodes have been revived which date back 32,000 years and were located at about 3.0 meters down. The Plectus worms were discovered…

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Israel seizes another Aid Boat headed for Gaza, arrests 12 on board

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Israeli Navy intercepts second aid ship in a week from flotilla aiming to break the devastating Gaza Strip blockade.

Israeli naval forces seized a Swedish-flagged ship carrying much-needed aid that was headed for the besieged Gaza Strip.

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Croatia – Freedom’s Triumph Yet To Rise!

Croatia, the War, and the Future

Croatia’s Homeland War Memorial Cemetery in Vukovar
Photo: Damir Plavsic

This weekend of 5th August 2018, like the same date days of past 23 years – as Croatia commemorates the 23rd Anniversary of military operation Storm, Victory Day, War Veterans’ Day and Homeland Gratitude Day – is sure to ruffle up many media pro-Serbian and pro-communist Yugoslavia feathers, dredging up persistently false Serb claims that 200,000 Serbs were forcefully deported from Croatia immediately after the successful military operation Storm, which liberated a large portion of Croatia from Serb occupation (self-proclaimed Serbian Republic of Krajina). The truth is that the leadership of the self-proclaimed Serbian Republic of Krajina had on 4th August 1995, as Croatian Operation Storm began, officially issued an evacuation order to Serbs in Croatia! Their own guilty conscience was behind it all, no doubt about that.

During this skilful military operation, Storm, protective of all civilian life including…

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Missouri Dems Create Alternative ‘News’ Site to Boost McCaskill

VIDEO Google The king of Trump Derangement Syndrome