The So-called “Media” Have Bitten Off More Than They Can Chew…

Trigger Reset

To be clear, President Trump has NEVER attacked the “free press.”

Not once.

He has rightfully attacked fake news; the Democrat controlled propaganda machine that tries to disguise itself as news.

The “alphabet” networks are not news at all, but an echo chamber for every scatter brained idea on the left with a goal of dulling the intelligence of their audience and brainwashing them into being “progressive” zombies…just like the members of the “mainstream press.”

Free press is under attack, by the Democrats.

Real news sites are being downgraded, demonetized, and blocked/ banned in an effort to hide the truth from U.S. citizens.

That’s an attack on the truth, an attack on the free press, and an attack on the First Amendment. “Media’s” whining about their lies being exposed is fake news in itself.

More lies, from a liar…

Jim Acosta has the sadz. The…

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The abuse of health care system by some immigrants in Australia.

Additional survival tricks

The abuse of health care system by some immigrants in Australia.

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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This blog aims to bring to light the reasons for higher than normal per capita cost of health care for immigrants. This higher than normal cost is caused by the attitude of immigrant patients as well as immigrant health care providers. The higher than normal cost should be noted in any budgeting by any government working with a migrant population.

This blog gives my first hand observation and the details drawn from my conversation with some immigrant communities.

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The abuse of health care system by some immigrants in Australia.

1. The cost overrun in health care.

Australia has been a lucky country with large…

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