Record Heat forecast for Iberia as Climate Change fries Planet

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48C = 118.4 F

August 1, 2018,     The intense heat that has waxed and waned across various parts of Europe this summer is on the move once again, and residents of Spain and Portugal need to be prepared.

Temperatures could approach or exceed all-time highs across parts of the Iberian Peninsula from Thursday to Saturday.

A ridge of high pressure that’s been lodged over and near northern Scandinavia will be eroding later this week, as a separate ridge builds northward from Africa and a trough approaches Europe from the northwest.

This pattern will pull hot, dry air from Algeria and Morocco into the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal), along with some Saharan dust. By the weekend, a building surface high across Ireland and Britain will help push the scorching air mass back southward across the higher terrain of central Iberia. This…

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