This northern summer’s heat waves could be the strongest climate signal yet #auspol #qldpol #nswpol #drought #StopAdani #NoNewCoal @abc730 #ClimateChange


In El Salvador, many farmers have lost their lost corn crops to drought this summer. Agriculture is suffering in the high heat and dry conditions in several parts of the world. Credit: Oscar Rivera/AFP/Getty Images

by Bob Berwyn, Inside Climate News

Earth’s global warming fever spiked to deadly new highs across the Northern Hemisphere this summer, and we’re feeling the results—extreme heat is now blamed for hundreds of deaths, droughts threaten food supplies, wildfires have raced through neighborhoods in the western United States, Greece and as far north as the Arctic Circle.

At sea, record and near-record warm oceans have sent soggy masses of air surging landward, fueling extreme rainfall and flooding in Japan and the eastern U.S. In Europe, the Baltic Sea is so warm that potentially toxic blue-green algae is spreading across its surface.

There shouldn’t be any doubt that some of the deadliest of this summer’s disasters—including…

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A steady diet


We here in America are receiving a steady diet, we in fact may just be the best “fed” country on this planet. However what we are “fed” is not very nutritious. This diet comes to us courtesy of the politicians and the media.

The left is fed a steady diet of hate, and they gobble it up. They hate President Trump, all he does or attempts to do and have a special hatred of those of us who support and stand behind him. We that support President Trump have been called Nazis and every other sort of vile name, in fact we have been called everything but children of God. Trump supporters have been verbally and physically attacked.

We on the right are fed a steady diet of rubbish, and we gobble it up. This rubbish comes to us courtesy of the congressional hearings, hearings which come to nothing and…

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Record Heat forecast for Iberia as Climate Change fries Planet

The Free

48C = 118.4 F

August 1, 2018,     The intense heat that has waxed and waned across various parts of Europe this summer is on the move once again, and residents of Spain and Portugal need to be prepared.

Temperatures could approach or exceed all-time highs across parts of the Iberian Peninsula from Thursday to Saturday.

A ridge of high pressure that’s been lodged over and near northern Scandinavia will be eroding later this week, as a separate ridge builds northward from Africa and a trough approaches Europe from the northwest.

This pattern will pull hot, dry air from Algeria and Morocco into the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal), along with some Saharan dust. By the weekend, a building surface high across Ireland and Britain will help push the scorching air mass back southward across the higher terrain of central Iberia. This…

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Trump’s Tweets Tweak the Globalist Koch Brothers

Inevitable bursting of Real Estate Bubbles in Australian inner cities.

Additional survival tricks

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

#Real Estate, #property market, #bubble, #bursting, #crash, #Australia.

Inevitable bursting of Real Estate Bubbles in Australian inner cities.

As the Central Banks of major countries send interest rates slightly positive, property owners who have not been verse in calculating return and risks may have to carry out fire sales as they cannot afford the interest payment on the mortgage taken to buy those properties.

1. Owners have bought at the top of the market and there are few new buyers.

There are reasons to think that Australian Real Estates are currently overpriced:

Some unseasoned owners had been tricked by Real Estate agents that Chinese immigrants would keep coming in, bringing with them gold and fortunes from China to buy up local Australian over-priced properties.

The Chinese government is not stupid to let corrupt officials move their ill-gotten wealth oversea through bank transfer.

Any undocumented money transferred…

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