Climate change and farming: ‘Unpredictability is here to stay’ #auspol #qldpol #abc730 #Drought #StopAdani #NoNewCoal


Climate change and farming: ‘Unpredictability is here to stay’

In many parts of the world, droughts are getting longer, more intense and more frequent.

Alex Jones, climate and environment director at the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, tells DW about the risk to food security.

DW:  So we’re facing this global heat wave and it’s impacting farmers.

How are they coping?

Alex Jones: It’s very hard for farmers to cope once you’re midway through a [farming] cycle, especially if you’re on a long cycle crop like cereals. If you planted wheat or maize, once it’s in the ground there’s absolutely nothing you could do except maybe irrigate a bit more. But even that’s not going to reduce the wilt.

It’s more about having better information, putting in seeds that are more resilient. And especially about spreading your risk, and not focusing exclusively on one crop, but multi-cropping. And increasing biodiversity…

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