Petition: This Hero Dog Could Be Put Down if We Don’t Stop It


by: Care2 Team
recipient: Avon and Somerset police

99,761 SUPPORTERS – 100,000 GOAL
A couple’s dog saved their lives, now the police want to put him down.

The couple from Bristol, United Kingdom was minding their own business when a group of 20 angry and screaming men attacked them on their own doorstep.

The men believed a pedophile lived at the premises and wanted to send him a very violent message. But the mob was mistaken, the person they were looking for no longer lived there. But that didn’t stop their attacks.

Luckily, the pair’s five-year-old Staffie cross Labrador, Kylo was there and managed to run the majority of the group off. But the couple was still badly hurt. The thugs laid into the 25-year-old man, leaving him with a broken nose, fractured rib and bruising. And the 24-year-old woman was spat on by the hooligans as well.

Kylo had…

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