Listen Up, London Leftists: No One Cares About Your ‘Feelings’…

Trigger Reset

Normally, I wouldn’t comment on the idiotic and ignorant actions of people living in other countries. If the leftists in London want to elect a Muslim mayor who defended the 9/11 terrorists, was endorsed by real anti-Semites, and who described an Islamic State executioner as a “beautiful young man,” that’s their business.

In fact, when people from other countries start bemoaning American election results, I typically tune them out. However, the recent attacks against President Trump are too much.

How dare these people lecture the president?

They’ve already surrendered their sovereignty and individual rights.

The problem London is facing is indicative of the battles happening all over the world where free men and women are being subjugated by a few activists, who think that their feelings and agenda matter more than reality.

I can’t ignore the disrespect some people in London, including the Muslim Mayor, are showing to President Donald…

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