FIFA World Cup 2018: Australians To Support Croatia In Semi-final Against England

Croatia, the War, and the Future

Croatian National Team at FIFA World Cup 2018
Photo: Igor Kralj/Pixsell

It’s Wednesday 11 July 2018. I’m sitting in Zagreb, Croatia. Only hours to the FIFA World Cup Semi-final match where Croatia plays against England! The whole of Croatia is geared up to watch the game and celebrate. It’s an atmosphere that takes ones breath away with the glory of patriotic love and pride.

In the country that has been my second home for decades – Australia – things seem much the same. Croatians have contributed significantly to the development and well-being of the Australian society for more than a hundred and fifty years and at times like today, when Croatia and England lock forces against each other in a football (soccer) match, what a great feeling it is to know that Australians in their masses will be cheering Croatia on – to win!

Oliver Murray, of, writes…

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