bioethicists: enablers of euthanasia and infanticide?


Sadly, many bioethicists work to justify and rationalize the current practices of withholding or denying proper medical treatment to vulnerable individuals (at present, mainly the elderly, and the severely handicapped infants and newborns, see links below) in hospital.  You see and hear bioethicists on television documentaries that address the many troubling issues in medicine today, specifically those issues or problem areas that involve humans dying or being killed.  Listen carefully to what they tell you.  As well, read their books and published articles.  A “quality of life” subjective or arbitrary determination on the part of doctors can be used to justify withholding treatment from a patient in hospital, even when this is contrary to both the patient’s desire and the wishes of the patient’s family.

In recent years, there has been much discussion by medical practitioners on how to define or determine death.  With the very high cost of medical…

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