VIDEO Nunes Refers Clinton ally, refers Clinton ally Sidney Blumenthal 14 others tied dossier for testimony

anarchist Soheil Arabi and his wife Nastaran Naimi Jailed in Iran

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Anarchist prisoner Soheil Arabi was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment was sentenced to 1 and a half years
۱۴ تیر اخبار روز

The Revolutionary Court in Tehran, under the direction of Judge Moghiseh, sentenced anarchist prisoner Soheil Arabi to 5 years imprisonment for blasphemy and 1 year for propaganda against the state

His wife, Nastaran Naimi, was also sentenced to 1 and a half years in prison

Soheil Arabi has been tortured in Evin Prison, suffering severe beatings that left him bruised & his nose broken

On June 1, when he was taken to surgery, soldiers beat him in the Khomeini Hospital. Soheil is now under quarantine

Soheil Arabi born August 21, 1985, is an Iranian blogger who was  sentenced to death in Iran in 2014 on charges of insulting the…

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Good reason to protect 2 amendment(and use it)

Trump:The American Years

The left wants us to give up our guaranteed 2nd amendment rights, turn over-or confiscate-our firearms YET they engage in behavior that makes it even more critical to protect the 2nd amendment and ‘arm up.’
You would think if they wanted to advocate for more gun control they’d exhibit behavior that would support their cause.Nothing like doing the exact opposite.

I’m old enough to have lived through the turbulent 1960s, when legitimate grievances over civil rights and Vietnam were hijacked by extremist elements and spun violently out of control. Frankly, I never thought I’d see the likes of that sort of political divisiveness engulf our nation again.

Unfortunately, today the chaos and worst excesses of radical groups from five decades ago are back. But instead of the Weather Underground, the Black Panthers or the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society), we now see socialist extremist groups like Antifa once again…

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Farm warfare: How Israel uses chemicals to kill crops in Gaza – Palestinians –

Human Rights & Activism

Israel is carrying out undeclared economic warfare in the area, which in the longer term will also cause direct damage to the environment and to the health of people and animals.
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Is America Plumbing The Depths Of The Evil One?

VIDEO What Sword Are You Using? – Teen Attacked Wearing ‘MAGA’ Hat – Civility As A Weapon

Florida: Violent Democrat Attacks American at His Home on (July 4th) Because of Trump Flag…

Trigger Reset


A fun night of fireworks was ruined for a Boynton Beach man. Jeff Good says he was attacked for having a President Trump flag in his yard.

Good said he was watching fireworks in his driveway when someone drove in front of his house and started yelling at him about President Trump.

“He was saying vile things about our president,” said Good.

The driver of the car then told Good he had to remove his flag. When Good told him no, he said the driver punched him in the face.

Good said he instinctively tried to punch the man back, but the man drove off with Good’s arm stuck in the car, and Good was then dragged for about 30 feet.

“I have some bumps and bruises that I don’t think you want to see,” said Good as he was showing the scars on his hands…

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