Liberal who started #Walkaway Campaign was Shocked to Discover the Media Lied to Him

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A little more than a decade ago, after coming to grips with suspicions and newfound revelations that the Democratic Party had betrayed Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, middle class Americans, I became angry and then I became a blogger.

My earlier posts reflect the outrage that I felt by the betrayal of Democratic leaders, in particular, the Congressional Black Caucus and the media. I was besides myself that my suspicions which began around 1990 with Bill Clinton were true.  This leads me to Brandon Straka, a young New Yorker, former Democrat, Caucasian male and member of the LGBT community.

Straka is the founder of the #Walkaway Campaign, an endeavor that sheds light on the illusion, malice and deception that is the Democratic Party currently en route to becoming the Democratic Socialist Party of USA.

Like myself, Straka was shocked to learn that the mainstream media lied, in particular, their war against…

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