Petition: It’s Time to Ban Trophy Hunting in South Africa


by: Care2 Team
target: Government of South Africa 41,872 SUPPORTERS – 45,000 GOAL

Last year Tess Thompson Talley flew to South Africa for a hunting safari where she took the life of what she called a “rare” black giraffe. But it wasn’t until recently that people noticed her sick trophy hunting photos on Facebook.

Now animal lovers, conservationist and environmentalists alike are outraged. People want to know how anyone can get enjoyment from taking such a majestic creature. In the photos, Tess proudly poses in front of the giraffes barely dead body. It’s a truly disgusting sight.

Giraffes are currently considered a vulnerable species. In fact, according to a 2016 survey, there are less than 100,000 of the animals in the wild and over the last generation, almost 40% of the species has been lost. But because few people have sounded the alarm, many have called their slow disappearance, the…

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Happy Independence Day! – This is my country!

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happy independence day

Due to my laptop going kaplooey, I am late wishing everyone a Happy Independence Day but my wishes are true. God bless you all, your family, friends and loved ones.

God bless the men and women who serve(d) to preserve our independence.

God bless those who laid down their lives for this country and those they left behind.

None of you are forgotten this July 4th.

God bless the United States of America.

Courtesy of our friend, and fellow patriot, Bunkerville:

This Is My Country – Mormon Tabernacle Choir gives us some music to send us on our way in having a wonderful holiday with family and friends.

We are so blessed to live in this wonderful Republic. We will never forget the sacrifices so many have made so that we may enjoy this day. Wishing all the very best for today!

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Stopping A Fossil Fuel Lock-In. Video from Gastivists


Image result for Gastivists: Stopping A Fossil Fuel Lock-In

Great animation from Gastivists on the emerging resistance to gas projects and pipelines in Europe, and how we can stop this new fossil fuel lock-in. #fracking#climatejustice

Join a global movement that is rising up to stop fossil gas, fossil fuels, and the extractive economy it maintains.

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