Okinawa Kamikaze story

Pacific Paratrooper

This is an odd story that involves a flight instructor, his family, and a single-minded request. The whole thing was so strange, in fact, that the Japanese government censored it at the time.

Hajime Fujii was born on August 30, 1915, in Ibaraki Prefecture as the oldest of seven children. He joined the army and proved to be such a skilled machine gunner that they sent him to China.

Hajime Fujii

The Chinese weren’t too happy about that, which is why Fujii got hit by a mortar shell that wounded his left hand. Sent to the hospital, he was tended to by Fukuko – a beautiful field nurse from Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture.

It was love at first sight. Back then, arranged marriages were the norm, but the two were having none of it. So they returned to Japan, got married, and had two adorable daughters – Kazuko and Chieko.

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YEMEN: U.S Involvement in UAE Controlled Torture and Detention Centres – 21st Century Wire

Human Rights & Activism

Vanessa Beeley

21st Century Wire

“Detainees were physically tortured and disfigured by several methods including whippings with power cords, batons, steel bars taken from school desks; slapping the face and kicking the body especially the injured areas; burning the skin with lit cigarettes; placing the body in a sewage compartment up to the neck and pouring sewage and waste water on wounds.

Forcing the drinking of water so that blood would thin out and bleed more while not allowing the other detainees to help stop the bleeding with their clothes; slamming the head against the wall, electrocuting and threatening use of an electric saw to dismember the body.” ~Mohammed Al Wazir

Yesterday, reports flooded corporate media in the West of the torture sites and prisons in the south of Yemen. Previous reports had also highlighted potential U.S involvement in the detention centres, with U.S forces allegedy working as interrogators

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