Young to pick up #climatechange bill #auspol #qldpol #StopAdani #Neoliberalism = Intergenerational theft.


Young will pick up climate change bill, advisers warn

By Roger Harrabin BBC environment analyst

Getty Images

Transport pollution is rising

Young people will be left to pick up the bill for climate change because politicians are dodging the issue, a UK report warns.

The government must act faster to cut carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from road traffic, homes and farming, the Committee on Climate Change says.

Without action, the coming generation will have to pay much more to curb emissions in a heating world.

The government says it is committed to being a world leader on climate change.

It will introduce its low-carbon transport plan soon.

Why does this matter?

The advisers are “acutely concerned” at the UK’s lack of progress in cutting the carbon emissions overheating the planet.

The committee says the UK made a good start with the power industry but emissions cuts have effectively stalled in…

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