ExxonMobil Sabotaged in PNG after Gas Related Earthquake


 Exxon faces new resistance in Papua New Guinea

Image result for ExxonMobil Angore pipeline project in Papua New Guinea sustained damage

 – A deadly gas extraction related earthquake that struck ExxonMobil’s money spinning gas project in the mountains of Papua Guinea is sparking an armed backlash against the U.S. energy giant that could prove harder to fix than buried roads and broken pipes. ExxonMobil declared revenues of nearly a quarter of a trillion US dollars in 2017, much of it from PNG says an analysis of the project .

Members of a quake-hit community in PNG's Hela province, March 2018.

Members of a quake-hit community in PNG’s Hela province, March 2018. Photo: PNG PM Media Office

Locals blame Exxon and its project partners of causing, or at least magnifying, the 7.5 magnitude quake on Feb. 26 and a series of intense aftershocks that continue to pound the region.  Induced Earthquakes from Long‐Term Gas Extraction

US energy giant ExxonMobil’s Angore pipeline project in Papua New Guinea sustained damage in new protests in the country. 

The spokesperson…

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This is going to get ugly


The left is unhinged and is rapidly becoming totally unhinged. Where has the civility gone? The left has no idea of how to conduct themselves in a civilized manner. Many thought they were just “blowing off steam” after Donald J. Trump was elected President, and they would finally just accept that fact and move on. They are never going to accept that fact and they get can not get past the fact that HRC is not president. It is already ugly and is only going to get uglier.

A so-called comedienne who referred to the daughter of the president as a “feckless cunt”, many thought that funny. A washed-up actor referred to a female cabinet member as a “gash”, and again many thought that funny. In years past the democrats were claiming that the republicans were waging a “war against/on women”. I guess now we know who has the least…

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Kamikaze Action Report – sample from May 1945

Pacific Paratrooper

Treasures from the USS Evans

The USS Evans and Hadley departed from the Hagushi anchorage at Yomitan, Okinawa on the afternoon of 10 May 1945, under orders of CTG 51.5, and arrived on Radar Picket Station #15 about 1500.  Other ships in support on that station were LSM 193, LCS 82, LCS 83 and LCS 84.  The latter four ships were disposed in a diamond formation 1000 yards on a side, their course reversed about every half hour by signal, speed maintained at 10 knots.  Hadley and Evans were in column in that order, speed 15 knots, distance 1500 yards, circling the support formation at a distance of about one mile.  Hadley was Fighter Director Ship and controlled a small Combat Air Patrol. Evans was Fire Support Ship.  At 1934 hours that evening a Japanese “Kate” was shot down by this ship.

From 0151 until 0340, 11 May 1945, remained…

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Trump Gave Cooked Steaks To Veterans Hospital After Canceling Congressional Picnic

Petition: End Circus Bear Acts in Russia. It’s Not Entertainment, It’s Cruelty.


by: Care2 Team
target: Pres. Vladimir Putin

48,878 SUPPORTERS – 50,000 GOAL

Earlier this month, a shocking video appeared online showing a Russian circus bear being beaten by its trainers in the city of Volgograd. The video begins with the bear – leashed and muzzled – sliding down a slide on a strange wheeled contraption as if it were surfing. When it comes to a stop, it focuses on one of its trainers and goes in for the attack.

The attack is accompanied by the sound of screaming children as parents look on in horror while the bear is being beaten with sticks by other circus workers.

Watching the bear go from docile prop to powerful wild beast to a cowering giant – all within a matter of seconds – is heartbreaking.

This bear has no idea why it is being forced to do these ridiculous tricks. And when he…

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