Petition: Why Does the EPA Get To Ignore the Chemical Research Law?


by: Kevin M.
target: U.S Congress; Senator Tom Udall

31,825 SUPPORTERS -35,000 GOAL

In 2016, Congress passed a law mandating more research into the potential harms of dangerous chemicals. Two years later, the EPA has decided to interpret this law to mean that it should only need to test the effects of direct exposure to chemicals.

Sign the petition to ask Congress to pass more airtight legislation so the EPA would have to keep us safe!

The current interpretation would intentionally leave out the bad things that happen when these chemicals get into our air, ground and water supply. Since most people actually come into contact with chemicals in these manners, the lack of research would more easily allow the EPA to deregulate existing chemical safety rules.

It’s worth noting that the EPA’S Office of Chemical Safety is being led by Nancy Beck, a Trump appointee who until recently worked…

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Celebrate National Pollinators Week By Protecting These Endangered Species

Olivia Rosane
As summer enters into full bloom, it’s time to celebrate all the birds, bees and bugs that make the fruits and flowers possible. From June 18 to 24, Pollinator Partnership (P2) is celebrating National Pollinator Week, which was designated by the U.S. Senate 11 years ago and has grown into an international event.

Pollinators are birds, bees, butterflies, beetles, bats and other small mammals that help plants reproduce by moving pollen grains from the male to female part of a plant. Plants can also self-pollinate or be pollinated by the wind, but one third of every bite of food we eat is thanks to animal pollinators, P2 reports.

You can support pollinators by creating a habitat for them in your yard, planting native or non-invasive plant species and avoiding pesticides, among other actions.

Here are some unique pollinators listed as endangered species in the U.S. to celebrate…

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Wear white on the solstice to celebrate polar bear success in a warming world


Wednesday 21 June is the longest day of the year: wear something white tomorrow to acknowledge and celebrate the success of polar bears despite such low summer sea ice since 2007 that 2/3 of them were predicted to disappear.

white sunglassesWhite hats

White tie, white shirt, white socks work too. Keep cool and signal to the world that you love outstanding survivors of climate change,  fat though they may be.

Cover image_Twenty Reasons_polarbearscience

Read here and here.

Global sea ice extent at 19 June 2018, well past the end of the intensive spring feeding period for polar bears:

masie_all_zoom_4km 2018 June 19

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Breaking! No New Permits To Be Issued For Cruel Killing Of Washington’s Black Bears On Timberlands; Entire Program Should Be Shut Down – World Animal News


By WAN –
June 18, 2018

On Friday, a state court stopped the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife from issuing any additional permits authorizing inhumane and unsporting methods like bait, traps, and hounds, which have been outlawed by state voters, to kill black bears on private timberlands.
The much-needed ruling comes in a challenge to the illegal program filed by the Center for Biological Diversity last month.
“This ruling will save numerous bears from a cruel death, and that’s a big relief,” said Collette Adkins, a Center biologist and attorney who represents the environmental group in the lawsuit. “The court is suspending this illegal program that allows a small group of hunters to shoot bears over bait, chase them with hounds and catch them in traps.”
After emerging from hibernation in the spring, hungry black bears sometimes peel the bark from trees to eat the calorie-dense sapwood. Even-aged stands…

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VIDEO Interview with Sen. Mike Lee About The ‘Due Process Guarantee Act’