Jerry Mander – Now You Know How I Felt Edition

'56 Packard Man

Jerry Mander

The Counter-ResistanceHat tip to “Dr. Mc” for many of today’s images.

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But it’s OK when they do it:


If it weren’t for double, the Democrats would have no standards at all:



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Steven Hayward’s

The Week In Pictures – Fearful Summitry Edition!

“William Blake wrote of “fearful symmetry,” but right now in Washington everyone is fretting about “fearful summitry,” as the Trump-Kim Summit (Kim Jong Un, not Kim Khardashian, but you can understand the confusion) is hard upon us. Sometimes I can’t tell whether Trump is deliberately trolling everyone with comments such as he made Thursday that he didn’t need to prepare much for the summit because it was more about attitude. It calls to mind the time Secretary of State George Shultz told President Reagan that career State Department people we’re worried that the Gipper wasn’t adequately prepared for his first summit with Mikhail Gorbachev. To which the Gipper responded, “Don’t…

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