_Three Hours Not To Be Missed.

Aroosa Kanwal

First Hour :-

Hour Before Breaking Your Fast.

Prepare Your Meal Earlier & Dedicate This Hour For Prayers. Because The Supplication Of A Fasting Person Is Never Rejected. Pray For Yourself. Pray For Your Loved Ones & Pray For The Whole Ummah & Don’t Forget To Pray For Our Brothers & Sisters Being Oppressed Around The World & Those Who’ve Passed Away Among The Muslims As They Need Your Dua.

Second Hour :-

Hour The Last Third Of Night.

The Next Hour Is Last Third Of Night. Make Plenty Of Prayers & Ask For Forgiveness As Its The Time When Allah SWT Descends To The Lowest Heaven & Calls, “Who’ll Call Upon Me, That I’ll Answer Him. Who’ll Ask Me, That I’ll Give Him. Who’ll Seek My Forgiveness? That I May Forgive Him.

Third Hour :-

After Fajar Prayer Until The Sunrise.

The Last Hour From Fajar Uptil Sunrise Should…

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