Angrez ka school In khairpur working for underprivileged kids

Ria Says

Why Stephen David Sheen is Living in Khairpur for 8 years now.

Stephen David Sheen or Steve is the Principal of a school at khairpur named Sojhro Faiz High School. The 32-year-old Steve is from Wales. Steve is teaching at School for 8 years now. He could have taught English to his students but Steve believes being native speaker doesn’t make anyone a good teacher of its language. Teaching must be perused after getting qualified in any field and tactics of a subject must be learned first. He has an MPhil in physics from the University of Leeds, And he teaches mathematics and physics in school.

Steve’s Journey In Pakistan

Steve was arrived in Pakistan in 2010 as a tourist to reach India through Pakistan, Because Pakistan is the gate way to Asia. He visited Iran and Afghanistan earlier as well. Steve ended up as a teacher in Khairpur, A small…

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“Hanging onto resentment is letting someone you despise live rent-free in your head.” – Esther Lederer

Karmic Reaction Blog

  1. In the long run we inevitably hurt ourselves more than others do. Someone in the past did something that we found hurtful. They did or said something, or failed to do or say something, and we experienced physical or emotional hurt. It’s bound to happen. Each instance of hurt only happened one time in our past, and yet we have the faculty of memory that allows us to recall that incident over and over, and thus hurt ourselves over and over again. That’s how in the long term we can end up hurting ourselves more than the other person did.
  2. Of course we often don’t think of this is as hurting ourselves. We tend to take the mini-dramas that unfold in the mind as being real, and indeed we respond to them as if they were real. When we recall someone saying something cruel to us we feel hurt in…

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Into the Mind of an EVIL POS…

Trigger Reset

Prosecutors have released some of the cell phone footage from Mr. POS, the evil scum who shot up his Florida school.Some of this was filmed the day he went and murdered his classmates.

Watch if you want.

(Mostly I hear him say, “shoot me. shoot me right in the face. NOW!”)

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_Three Hours Not To Be Missed.

Aroosa Kanwal

First Hour :-

Hour Before Breaking Your Fast.

Prepare Your Meal Earlier & Dedicate This Hour For Prayers. Because The Supplication Of A Fasting Person Is Never Rejected. Pray For Yourself. Pray For Your Loved Ones & Pray For The Whole Ummah & Don’t Forget To Pray For Our Brothers & Sisters Being Oppressed Around The World & Those Who’ve Passed Away Among The Muslims As They Need Your Dua.

Second Hour :-

Hour The Last Third Of Night.

The Next Hour Is Last Third Of Night. Make Plenty Of Prayers & Ask For Forgiveness As Its The Time When Allah SWT Descends To The Lowest Heaven & Calls, “Who’ll Call Upon Me, That I’ll Answer Him. Who’ll Ask Me, That I’ll Give Him. Who’ll Seek My Forgiveness? That I May Forgive Him.

Third Hour :-

After Fajar Prayer Until The Sunrise.

The Last Hour From Fajar Uptil Sunrise Should…

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NATHAN’S PIES AND EELS: Legendary East London cafe to close after 80 years

London – VIJAY SHAH and TOM HORTON via Newham Recorder

East London is to lose another long-time landmark after a business that specialises in selling the area’s traditional delicacy of jellied eels alongside hot football match snacks announced it would be calling time after eighty years in business, according to a report by the local newspaper, the Newham Recorder.

Nathan’s Pies and Eels, based in Barking Road, Upton Park, near the former Boleyn Stadium of the football club West Ham United, is a ‘pie and mash’ shop, a restaurant selling traditional London food such as steak and kidney pies and mashed potato It has been run by the Nathan family since it first opened eighty years ago, with forty of those years spent at the same Barking Road site. The shop was very popular with football fans travelling in to watch West Ham play, with its traditional East London fare…

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#Nakba Day 70 years

journalist fatma nadia

During the 1948 Palestine war, an estimated 700,000 Palestinians fled or were expelled, and hundreds of Palestinian towns and villages were depopulated and destroyed.
Palestinian refugees in 1948
These refugees and their descendants number several million people today, divided between Jordan (2 million), Lebanon (427,057), Syria (477,700), the West Bank (788,108) and the Gaza Strip (1.1 million), with at least another quarter of a million internally displaced Palestinians in Israel.[4] The displacement, dispossession and dispersal of the Palestinian people is known to them as an-Nakba, meaning “catastrophe” or “disaster”.
Prior to its adoption by the Palestinian nationalist movement, the “Year of the Catastrophe” among Arabs referred to 1920, when European colonial powers partitioned the Ottoman Empire into a series of separate states along lines of their own choosing.[8] The term was first used to reference the events of 1948 in the summer of that same year by the Syrian writer…

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Food Recall: Hormel Product, Spam Classic, and another product

The products are popular, so please take note of the details if shopping. Bits of metal are inside of the products. Though shipped throughout America, it could possibly end up on foreign market aisles.

Production codes: F020881, F020882, F020883, F020884, F020885, F020886, F020887, F020888 and F020889. Notations: “Best By, February 2021”.