The American Way Of War

The American Way Of War // In Saner Thought

Think back to what was once called The Cold War……that period of time after WW2 when the US and the USSR were engaged it a influence peddling……

The American way of war — using overpowering industrial might, crushing firepower, and owning the sea and skies — may have come to an end, a top Pentagon official says.

For the past two decades, “the Chinese and the Russians have been working to undermine that model,” said Elbridge Colby, deputy assistant secretary of defense for strategy and force development. By spending billions on modernizing their militaries and fielding new technologies like artificial intelligence and hypersonic missiles at a faster clip than the Americans, the two countries have changed the way the United States must approach future conflict.

In the 1990’s they say that the Cold War ended when the USSR collapsed and the country sunk into chaos……and out of that chaotic period the US and Russia are still playing the same games that they played during the hay days of the Cold War.

We cannot keep using tactics from the 1950’s……the playing field has changed and the US needs to re-think its foreign policy…..

What kind of job can you have where you are consistently wrong, yet get to still go on TV talking endlessly and making more wild predictions that will no doubt lead to the same failed result?

If you guessed “TV Weatherman” you’re close…but the job I’m referring to is “Neocon Foreign Policy Expert”

Being a neocon means never having to say you’re sorry, even trillions of dollars and decades into doomed wars.

Yes sports fans we need to stop playing a crappy game and formulate a system that works………………..

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