Rohingyas Face Deportation & Land Grabbing


February 16, 2018


From the desk of Myanmar Ethnic Rohingya Human Rights Organization based in Malaysia (MERHROM) concerning the latest controversy surrounding the forced deportation of Rohingya refugees from different countries back to Myanmar. They urge the countries that have showed the intention to send back Rohingya refugees to review their original plans as deportation of refugees is a breach of International Law and moreover will put at risk the lives of thousands.

MERHROM urges the United Nations, world leadership and international communities to probe the ethnic cleansing and genocide of Rohingya populations at the hands of Myanmar. So far Myanmar government and Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi have very cleverly propagated their propaganda against the Rohingyas and gotten away with gross human rights crimes.

MERHROM demands that UN and international community at large should carefully review the information received from Myanmar government on the conflict and make independent inquiries for check and verification with Rohingyas back home.

Another shocking statement made by Myanmar government officials is that Rohingya who fled to Bangladesh will not be able to claim their land and may find their crops have been harvested and sold by the government. This is completely preposterous as the land and crops harvested by Rohingya community largely farmers are owned rightfully by Rohingya people. The government of Myanmar resorting to such far fetching tactics against the Rohingya by robbing their lands and crops gives an inclination towards its intentions.

MERHROM urges that Myanmar government should harvest the crops and send the food aid to Rohingyas living in Bangladesh refugee camps. Myanmar should not indulge in unethical measures against its own minorities by robbing and selling for profit the products while their rightful owners perish in deplorable situations in refugee camps across the region and elsewhere.

MERHROM also brings to attention that Myanmar government is planning mega-projects by creation of so called model villages for ROHINGYA communities. There is extreme fear that these will be another tool aimed to confine, isolate and control the Rohingya’s dying population.

MERHROM and many Rohingya activists raise thier voices against this new plan citing that Myanmar government is planning ‘concentration camp for rohingya’ where they will be denied access to food, clean water, medication and education. All these are well planned by the Myanmar government in order to eliminate this community from the world and that is how they may take over Rohingya community’s land and properties for state trade investments.

MERHROM urges immediate action for safeguarding the Rohingya from deportation and deprivation of their lands in Myanmar.

For more, please contact President MERHROM Mr. Zafar Ahmad bin HJ. Abdul Ghani at and Mobile Contact number: 6016-6827287

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