Is this still the same nation of USA?

They are heading down a road from which if they keep going will have no way back ….

Additional survival tricks

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Is this still the same nation of USA?

1. A changed nation after the two World Wars.

Ever since the first World War, USA nation has transformed itself into awar powered empire. Wars are then needed to collect oppressive reparations from the losers.[1,..3]

Wars are needed for consumption of weapons to enrich the influential owners of Defence Industryand to maintain their social status. These influential owners of defence industry and their allies can make or break most Presidential, Senatoral and Congressional candidates (TheMilitary, Industrial, Congressional Triangle or Complex). The campaign paid, successfully elected officials are then to repay their election campaign financial donors by instructing the Pentagon and the CIA to engender (create), engage and escalate in all possible wars [4,..13].

2. A corrupt political system against the…

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