“Integritas” Magazine – Tackling Issues Of United Croatian Entity

Croatia, the War, and the Future

Cover of First Issue of
“Integritas” with
Zeljko Glasnovic

A few moments ago the Zdrug.hr has announced the imminent release of the first issue of the new “Integritas” Magazine spearheaded by General Zeljko Glasnovic, Member of the Croatian Parliament representing the Croatian Diaspora as part of campaign to drive real changes for Croatians that would lead to the creation of a functional democratic state.

The following announcement is published:

Zdrug.hr: “Dear friends, Croatian patrons and readers in Croatia and the world, we greet you from our website www.zdrug.hr with special joy at the beginning of 2018 and bring you news of our new Magazine INTEGRITAS for all Croats in the Homeland and Diaspora. INTEGRITAS wil address current topics from the areas of politics, the Croatian society as well as Croatia’s neighbours. This publication is a joint endeavour of contributions by ZDS (the association of state-building forces) the Croatian Diasporan…

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