Pew Research: Over 24 Million Voter Registrations are Invalid, Inaccurate, or Deceased…

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A research study by Pew Research has concluded that our current voting system is far more susceptible to fraud than previously thought.

For example, there are 1.8 million dead people registered to vote. Not kidding! That, alone, when strategically placed in battleground states and precincts, is enough to swing an election.

In addition, there are a stunning 24 million voters whose registrations are inaccurate or invalid. That is one in eight registrations inaccurate or invalid!

There are 2.7 million voters registered in multiple states, some of whom vote more than once in the same election, very illegal.

Then, there are illegal immigrant voters, absentee voters, and many other voter/election irregularities that make a compromised system even more compromised to the point of massive fraud.

Democrats know if the feds crack down on voter fraud, they can’t win another election…because they’ll all be in jail.

The voting dead. Investigators looked…

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