V.P. Mike Pence was ridiculed when he honored his committment to his wife

Cry and Howl

Back in August of 2017 Vice President Mike Pence came under ridicule by loony liberals because he stated that “he never eats alone with a woman other than his wife and that he won’t attend events featuring alcohol without her by his side.” An article at that time by Emma Gray over at the Huff Post blasted Mr. Pence and highlighted a few “tweets” by some females disparaging him. It’s interesting considering the number of men now being accused of groping and sexual misconduct by mostly liberal men. The L.A. Times accused Vice President Pence of possibly being “sexist” and / or “discriminatory” towards women. Of course at the time, the Times pointed to the sexual misconduct that Bill O’Reilly was accused of … also at that time, we hadn’t heard about the many journalists and liberal men occupying positions of power doing unsavory things with their women acquaintances.


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