“Media” Coverup of Attack? On Tuesday 11-14-17 a Black Man in Body Armor With 850 Rounds of Ammo Went on a Shooting Spree in New York…

Trigger Reset

Have you seen this on the “mainstream media?”

Two things are really interesting about this story:

  1.  The attempted murder’s picture appears to be altered…exactly where his Muslim “prayer bump” would be…

    TravisGreen2Travis Green…Notice the center of the shooter’s forehead. It appears to have been altered. WHY???

  2.  Someone from a neighboring business stopped his attack…By running him down in his car!

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. — Police called it a miracle that more people weren’t hurt when a man wearing body armor and armed with two rifles and hundreds of rounds of ammo opened fire on a Dollar General store, wounding one man before being tackled by officers.

Investigators say 29-year-old Travis Green was initially unarmed when he walked into the store in this Buffalo suburb Tuesday afternoon before going back outside to his car, retrieving  an AR-15-style rifle and firing at least 20 bullets at the building. The only person hit was…

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