The Westboro Baptist Church Con


I was just perusing the web when I came across all of these Westboro Baptist Church Videos and whatnot. I was amazed at how hateful and vindictive these people were all in the name of God. I thought to myself,
“How could anyone who knows the Lord Jesus be as hateful as these people, as crass, as condescending,  as uncaring, as cruel?”

My answer: THEY CAN’T!
westboroprotestersTherefore I conclude that there is something else going on here, something so evil as to appear ridiculous in the eyes of almost anyone who dares propose it, but something which when pondered long enough becomes increasingly obvious.

You see I am an occasional street preacher and minister of the Gospel myself and I oppose abortion, homosexuality, sin, alcohol …. all manner of unholiness. But I love people! I believe in their absolute right to be wrong. After all it was given to them…

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