Tribute To Malaysia’s Florence Nightingale: Sybil Kathigasu

The Human Lens

From Malaysia, the land of lush valleys and sparkling rivers hailed Sybil Kathigasu who was born on 3 September 1899 and is the local World War II heroine.

Sybil Kathigasu was of Malayan-Eurasian origins and played a pivotal role in the liberation of Malaysia for her role as a resistance fighter against the Japanese Occupation.

A trained nurse along with her husband Abdon Clement Kathigasu, who was a doctor, she ran a clinic in Ipoh from 1926 to December 1942, when the Japanese troops first arrived in Malaya. Soon the couple along with their three children fled to Papan in Perak where they continued to carry the highly dangerous but crucial mission of supporting the resistance forces and the anti Japanese occupation.

She provided the resistance with vital information from the BBC, which they would listen to on their short wave radio. Additionally, she supplied them with medicine and assisted the…

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