Beware of Fake sites.

Additional survival tricks

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).
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BEWARE of Fake sites.

When entering the word “” into Google Search, you may have a few fake site which may trick you into entering it as a genuine site, but it redirect you to a fake site, from there you reveal your password and your account is compromised!

1. Always check the full heading in the address box of your browser.

Figure: Demonstration with anACTUALGoogle search for “” giving a result with the correct title line but redirecting to a totally different site (Screen captured on 2017 Oct 22-02h17GMT).

After clicking onto the search result, check that you have the address of the site you want.

In the example screen-captured here today, clicking on the result “” ( with on another line as in the photo) sends you to a login screen…

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