Society’s Unhealthy Addiction For House Maids and Servants

The Human Lens

The concept of house-maid, servant, au pair and whatever else we may wish to call them exists and thrives with a superficial benevolent outlook for helping the less fortunate ones, existing in large numbers in our societies.

There are many households where maids are crucial instruments for managing the needs of sick, aged parents and special children.  However, these days its become a trend to hire a maid like a competition. Never mind the fact that households with domestic workers and house servants are actually perpetuating modern-day slavery.

Because call it what you like, servanting is slavery.

This form of abuse is an accepted norm is global societies and  justified on notions of sympathy, favoring the poor and handing out generosity. The reality is that we are too reliant on maids because we can be this dependent and also get away it.

After all thousands of poverty struck families are willing…

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