Making money from Treasury Bonds with Insider Information

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by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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Making money from TreasuryBonds with Insider Information.

An insider can make outrageous amount of profit with his insider knowledge, at the expense of the tax payers. This blog gives the details description for such a process of transferring public money into private pockets.

1. Assumptions.

1. The going interest rate is 3% in year 2000.

2. The Federal Reserve Banks (FED) will rescue the economy by lowering interest rate on the “signals”.

3. The insider controls banks.

4. Insider has 200M.

2. Execution of plan.

1. Insider borrows 1000M from banks on a year to year basis, renewable up to 2005.

2. Insider buys 5 years Treasury Bonds at the price of 1000M*(1-5*3%)= 850M to be matured in 2005 at value of 1000M

3. Insider pays 4% interest to banks at the end of each year.

4. Insider puts his account…

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