Party System, Voting System and Media Conspiring To Hollow Out Croatian Democracy

Croatia, the War, and the Future

Zeljko Glasnovic
Photo: Screenshot

To listen in on any halfway serious discussion of politics in Croatia these days is to eavesdrop on a cacophony, on a racket of dissatisfaction, anger and disillusionment. Issues come and go several times a day in the hothouse of political crises and divisions that Croatia appears to chronically be in, but the underlying unease and anger remain no matter how much people vent or how many logical arguments they make about a given issue. Which means – the time for wielding axes of decommunisation is now.

That the electoral system (which delivers power) is a vital heart-muscle of democracy and if it doesn’t seek out true representation of the people, as it has been the case in Croatia, then it must be changed. Croatia’s electoral woes are a harsh reminder of elements contained in the communist heritage that trickled down and trickles down from the…

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