The Menace Of Croatia’s Communist Ideals (Im)moral Compass

Croatia, the War, and the Future

Vukovar Croatian Homeland War Memorial

Watching Croatia’s current political discourse (and deadlock, political and economic chaos, government crises, unrelenting emergence of the identity of communist revenge against the victory in Croatia’s Homeland War for self-determination, independence and democracy that labels as fascist even the slogan “For Home Ready” (Za Dom Spremni) under which in early 1990’s many sacrificed everything so that Croatia could be free of communist Yugoslavia …, I see a menacing lack of authentic discussion of the core values of sovereignty and democracy for which the Homeland War was fought that ought to be guiding the Croatian people as a society.

I see Croatia as morally adrift, as not having a clear sense of how to ground its people’s identity and actions to ultimate values that transcend time and place; it lacks clear moral compass or a foundational guide that stem out from its very own fight and…

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Kelly Is Blocking Negative Amnesty Coverage From Trump

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It is being reported that President Donald Trump’s White House Chief of Staff, Retired General John Kelly, has placed the President in a bubble. According to Axios via The Daily Caller, Kelly is blocking outside access to the President and hiding news reports from sites like The Daily Caller and Breitbart News.

On the one hand, the Communist media complex pool of leaks intended to destroy the President have been cut off. Credit where credit is due, Kelly appears to have lock down leaks coming out of the White House.

On the other hand, the Progressive establishment of both parties and their fellow swamp critters may see Kelly’s presence as a way to ring in POTUS and his agenda. If that is the case, then the President’s Chief of Staff is doing both the country, the President and his supporters a disservice.

Case in point, the President’s alleged…

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