Understanding Foreign Trading with China (Beware of strangers bearing gifts)

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bytonytran2015(Melbourne, Australia).

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Understanding Foreign Trading with China (Beware of strangers bearing gifts)

1. The purpose of Foreign Trading by China.

China is subscribing to the concept ofForever Expanding[1], and only use Foreign Trading as a mean to prise open other nations, to provide itself with opportunities to invade.

Learning from reference [2] which is essentially a summary of the writing in [3], we can see typicalunfolding of events. They happened two thousand years ago but still can reappear now.

First Han (China) wanted to apply the method of Allying to Distant Powers to Subjugate Immediate Neighboursto relieve pressure from its strongest neighbour Xiongnu,

“The Han court dispatched Zhang Qian, a military officer who was familiar with the Xiongnu, to the Western Regions in 138 BC … to make contact and build an alliance with the…

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