Miseries unleashed by push for Cashless trading

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by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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Miseries unleashed by push for Cashless trading.

The bank advocates in Australia used the pretext of fighting tax evasion and organized crime [1] to advocate the abolition of cash. Is this their real motive? As usual, we have to think that bank profit is the real motive. The situation in Australiais just a local version of wider analoguous global events.

1. Definition of Cashless societies.

In setting up cashless societies, governments require each person to open a bank account and put all his earning and spending through that bank account. They claim doing this reduces tax evasion and organized crime.

2. Can tax evasion be reduced?

No. People can form Work Parties to trade their works (tax ffree) ! Similarly, people can exchange their services for goods.

For evasions by trademen and retailers, random inspection can drastically…

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