The Parasites of Western Economy, Part 4: Scammers who entrap acquaintants into being guarantors for his loans.

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bytonytran2015(Melbourne, Australia)

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The Parasites of Western Economy, Part 4: Scammers who entrap acquaintants into beingguarantors for his loans.

In the Western societies, asset rich people are often preyed upon by scammers. After a family break up, an asset rich person may feel lonely and scammers will target him to befriend then to rob him of his assets.

1.A guarantor ofloans is usually set up to carry the loan burden of the actual borrower.

2. The guarantors has been set up by the scammer/borrower and his crooked banker.

The scammer/borrower will not meet the loan repayment schedule. The crooked banker has granted him the loan knowing that his mortgaged asset has very little value but his guarantor has hige assets. The crooked banker C started issuing warrants of possession to liquidate the assets of the asset rich person R.

Yes, by laws, there is…

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Power Plant Trouble With Angels

Power Plant Men

Okay, so, no one ever called me an Angel unless it was one of the fallen type.  I suppose the closest was when Bill Bennett, our A Foreman at the coal-fired Power Plant in North Central Oklahoma would call me a scamp.  I don’t know why, but I always seemed to be in trouble over one thing or another.  Well… maybe I do know why.

Not long after Bill Bennett left during the downsizing in 1994, when our Supervisor over Maintenance was Jasper Christensen, we had received newer computers all around the plant.  That is, except for the Electric Shop, because we had acquired one a year or so before so that we could program Eeprom Chips.

An Eeprom Chip used in the preicpiitator controls An Eeprom Chip used in the preicpiitator controls

I helped install the computers all around the plant.  I had run the Ethernet cables and installed the jacks so they could be connected to…

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For Victims Of Communist Crimes In Croatia

Croatia, the War, and the Future

Goli Otok/Barren Island
Political horror prison in
Croatia during communist regime
Photo: Caters News Agency

Last week, 23 August 2017 was a very significant day for the free world; it was the Black Ribbon Day, the Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Totalitarian Regimes in Europe. The profoundest of human sufferings caused by totalitarian regimes has for years been remembered on a global scale particularly to do with the persecution and mass murders of Jewish people. The other side of the terrible human suffering caused by the communist regimes has not been exposed to the equal extent and as such, this fact suggests that those associated in any way in protecting the communist totalitarian regime from being exposed for its horrors have “friends” in “high places”. I say this because the communist regime has not been deservedly, justly and absolutely rejected, particularly in Croatia that has so far evaded…

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