Saluting These Brave Acid Attack Survivors

The Human Lens

The Human Lens brings a weekend edition to blow the readers minds away. Especially as you watch this video, witness how Pakistani acid attack victim women have emerged as strong survivors and despite societal backlash come out publicly as awe aspiring change agents and role models.

Meet their guru, local entrepreneur Mussarat Misbah of Depilex Smile Again Foundation speaking candidly on the issue.

The video contains sensitive video content of  many disfigured victims that today have found their space in society as self-reliant members. These and the many more survivors of acid attacks are the true heroes of Pakistan and join me in saluting them. 

All credits to: Videographer / Director: Fayyaz Adrees, Producer: Ruchika Hurria / Neha Routela / Aamir Bashir  and Editor: Sonia Estal

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How an Engineer Took on the Mystery of the Hunley | Science | Smithsonian


One Scientist May Have Finally Figured Out the Mystery of Why a Civil War Submarine Sank
A Navy engineer used creative modeling and her knowledge of underwater explosions to tackle the century-old Hunley conundrum


The H.L. Hunley, a confederate Civil War era submarine, sits in its water tank at the Hunley Lab in North Charleston, SC. (Mic Smith Photography LLC / Alamy)
By Evan Lubofsky, Hakai Magazine
August 23, 2017

This article is from Hakai Magazine, an online publication about science and society in coastal ecosystems. Read more stories like this at

Around 6:30 p.m. on February 17, 1864, eight men crammed into the Confederate submarine H. L. Hunley, a self-propelled metal tube attached to a bomb, and slipped quietly into the freezing black water off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina. The crew hand-cranked the sub more than six kilometers toward its target—the Union blockader USS Housatonic—and…

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Australian Labor Party Should Apologise For Persecutions of Croatians

Croatia, the War, and the Future

“It’s Time”
by John Ovcaric

It would seem that Tony Jones recently plagiarised a Yugoslav era work of Propaganda titled “Dvadeseti čovjek” (the Twentieth Man) written by “Đorđe Ličina” and while we sit and read this in astonishment, Jones, who obviously must be suffering some form of writer’s block let alone dementia has the gumption to think that this will go un-noticed? Well no it isn’t, and this isn’t the most alarming factor here so let’s try again.

Perhaps it’s because he is supposedly writing about a situation that had passed all legal burning hoops and is undeniable in its accuracy? Sorry still no cigar, shall we try again?
OK, how about, not only does he appear to have plagiarised someone else’s propaganda, and not only are the supposed facts unfounded by lawful process, but that he laces into the plot fictional characters which only serves to subliminally cement in…

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