Initiatives For Saving Pakistan’s Acid Victims

The Human Lens

“It’s nothing to do with education, it’s nothing to do with religion, it’s everything to do with the ego of a man” – Pakistani makeup artist and Founder of Smile Again Musarrat Misbah

Latest figures show a decline in acid attacks in Pakistan, however reports cite that 99% of the culprits are male and only three females directly carried out the acid attacks. The majority of culprits had some family link with the victim or knew them or were part of the community.

Disfiguring women’s faces as retaliation is nothing new as we had discussed in the earlier story at The Human Lens. But what happens after the victims survive such horrifying attacks, in particularly those women who live with scarred faces?

On the government level in Pakistan, progress is more than often slow when it comes to furthering women rights agendas. However many local activists and philanthropists have picked up…

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Croatia: Lustration To Stop Sinking Deeper Into Mediocrity

Croatia, the War, and the Future

General Zeljko Glasnovic
Member of Croatian Parliament for the Diaspora

I have lost count of the number of times General Zeljko Glasnovic, Member of Croatian Parliament for the Diaspora, has emphasised and warned in his public and parliamentary appearances that the Croatian diaspora is purposefully excluded from Croatian social, economic and political life and development…and that this must be rectified in order for Croatia to move forward. “Unfortunately, we live in a country taken over by Yugonationalists, and they treat it as a feudal property and with that, they prevent the return of our people (from the diaspora to Croatia),” he said in an interview last year.

A clear and disturbing example, albeit camouflaged in the president’s welcoming speeches about great love for the diaspora, of how those “Yugonationalists”, communist die-hards, operate in excluding the Croatian diaspora from Croatia’s life unfolded during the past week before our very eyes…

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