Acid Attacks On Women – LETS STOP IT

The Human Lens

Acid attack is common all over the world, but it is awfully rampant in Pakistan. Not a day goes by when we hear of news of a tragic acid attack on women and girls in different parts of the country.

In a turbulent country, which is constantly under pressure from conservative elements and afflicted with deep-rooted misogyny in society, acid attacks on women/girls are a harsh reminder of the prevalence of high scale of violence against women.

This form of violence is quite commonly perpetuated in other regional nations such as India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan etc.

What motivates people to use the acid attack tactic on women in the society?

General Motivation of Perpetrators: 

  • Personal conflicts regarding intimate relationships, and sexual rejection

In many parts of South Asia, acid attacks often occur as revenge against a woman who rejects a proposal of marriage or a sexual advance. Acid attacks have been…

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