Liberalism is a Mental Disorder

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Maxine waters -- retard


COULD IT BE… that liberalism has become a severe mental disorder?  Yes, it is my studied opinion that it has.  We need not go any further back in time, the origin of ‘globalization’ and the failed League of Nations, which had absolutely no cooperation from the member nations, in stopping the Second World War, or what some refer to as “The Great War.”

After the Allied Nations put that one to bed, the same cry for a world peace organization arose, but what to do about it became the question, after the failure of the League of Nations.  So, the Apex of power colluded over the question to find some sort of global league to ensure sustainable global peace.

What happened, was perhaps well intended, but has evolved into a global socialist organization, which some people call “One World Order,” and that very-well may be, however…

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Malaysia – Coalition On Migrant Worker Rights Urge Government Action

The Human Lens

Malaysia is the Asian hub of several million foreign migrant workers that have come from different ASEAN states and other nearby nations. Despite the fact of how foreign migrant labor is helping the Malaysian economy, and vice versa, many grave issues have risen on a local context.

From time to time, The Human Lens brings stories on our official partner organization; North South Initiative -Malaysia (NSI-Malaysia) crucial work on migrant rights in the region. Just last week,  the coalition of NGOs working on migrant workers’ rights urged the Malaysian government to adopt  some strategies underlined in the 11th Malaysia Plan for the implementation of policies regarding foreign labour.

The Right to Redress Coalition (R2R) has also suggested in the plan that the Ministry of Human Resources (MOHR) could take a lead role in policy-making for foreign worker management. These recommendations are part of a R2R report that urges the government to…

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Power Plant Saints Go Marching In

Power Plant Men

When I think back about the Power Plant Men and Women that I worked with for the 20 years I spent working at the coal-fired Power Plant in North Central Oklahoma, I still see them as they were back when I first knew them.  I was able to see them come to work each day willing to give all they had in order to keep the plant running smoothly.  I would find out sometimes that behind their stoic behavior of heroism was a person bearing enormous pain.

I will not go into the private lives of each of the Power Plant Men and the personal struggles in their lives beyond those that we all shared at the plant.  Some were bearing such enormous pain that all the Power Plant Men and Women shared their pain.  Others bore their pain in silence leaving the rest of us oblivious to the grief…

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