Croatia: Trade War Winds Blowing From Serbia

Croatia, the War, and the Future

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The contribution of domestic agricultural and fishing industries income is about 5% of Croatia’s GDP and that is a trend that roughly follows other, more developed countries and one would not like to see the contribution on a downward spiral. Agriculture has always been and is likely to remain for some time, an important component of the Croatian economy regardless of its relatively low contribution to GDP (service industry’s contribution is around 70%). What is worrying, though, is that developed countries’ relatively low agricultural contribution to GDP is not due to reductions of outputs but rather due to relative growth of manufacturing and service-based industries, while in Croatia the relatively low contribution of agriculture and fisheries follows reduction of outputs due to failing agricultural concerns as well as impositions of EU quotas that often call for limits/reductions in Croatia’s outputs. Hence. further unemployment and increasing reliance on…

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Al Gore: Crazy for the Environment, or Just CRAZY??? You Decide…

#AceMustVideo Just listen and you decide ?

Trigger Reset

Something horrible happened to his sanity after he spent years with the Clinton clan.

Has old Al lost it???

More on the “inventor of the internet”…HERE

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360 Degrees of Power Plant Grief Counselling

Power Plant Men

The first time I sat through a Performance Review was with my mentor Larry Riley when I was on Labor Crew.  On a scale of 1000 I was somewhere around 850.  He said that this was the highest he had ever rated anyone so I should be proud, and I was.  As I walked out of the room and returned to work, I suddenly felt depressed.  I thought this was a strange response after just being told I was Larry’s “Star Pupil”.

Larry Riley 20 years after I first met him. He has a much newer hardhat in this picture Larry Riley 16 years after my first performance review

Throughout the years, the Performance Review process changed a number of times.  The scale was changed to 1 to 10, then 1 to 5, then the numbers were taken away altogether and replaced with, Exceeds Expectations, Meets Expectations, and Fails to Meet Expectations.

The different scales all meant the same thing, and that was that if someone was applying…

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