Team America Versus Jihad

In Saner Thought

We as a nation have been fighting a jihad for almost 20 years….and what have we really learned from the experience?

The outcome if studied carefully screams….NOTHING!

War serves itself if there is no strategy to guide and constrain it. The purpose of strategy is to fulfill a political purpose and that purpose should relate to an end that sees a better peace than before the war began. The means and methods, or the instruments of power and the ways they are employed, should align to achieve the political object sought at the costs and duration the state is willing to bear. If war brings more enemies and perpetual war, strategy is flawed.

The U.S and its allies have been fighting terrorists and insurgents for almost 16 years. America has the best-equipped, most-seasoned, and best-led forces in its history. The forces of Team America have won a number of battles…

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Human trafficking and prostitution



In recent times, women are victimized by human trafficking and engaged to prostitution enormously. This issues started many decades ago and commonly involved in this colossal illegal business was from rural areas of Asia Pacific region and other poor countries in the world, for a wrong belief to acquire green pasture in their lives.This activity organized by huge syndicates and influential people in the society for their self-interest through earning big amount of money and sexual  scrutiny of persons, that will enable other individuals to have partnered  for a short period of time that satisfies their needs in exchanged for money

Primarily, ladies are exploited by other persons due to the uninformed and uneducated individual resulting to fruitful promises that put them in a dangerous situation.During my teenager, I consulted one victim of human trafficking and asked her what happened why she was into this kind of work to entertained…

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The Policeman who Took on the London Bridge muslim Terrorists…Alone…with a Stick…

Trigger Reset

GOD bless this gentleman. He did his job and saved some lives…

On June 3rd, Police Officer Wayne Marques was enjoying a shift break at a London bar. He was watching the main European soccer tournament.

Then the screams came.

Three jihadists had crashed into pedestrians on London bridge and were now attacking members of the public in nearby Borough Market.

Others froze. Marques did not.

He sprung into action, running towards the chaos.

Speaking to the BBC, Marques explained what sight met him.

“I had no real idea what was going on — and I hear this woman scream behind me. I look and see a young woman and she is being attacked by the first one. I see another man running towards me and he falls flat. When he falls to the floor I see the first attacker with the knife in his hand. And then my…

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Reading Recent Events

Micheline's Blog

TELEMMGLPICT000126935511-xlarge_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqHLyhoXuNxRO5-T-ESAK5afzXV4JsWjjATZJLnGqC5UAA member of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in Raqqa. Isil has issued a new call to armsafter the Manchester attack.CREDIT: REUTERS

My last post was published on 3 June 2017. I have not been able to work since. However, in the wake of the London Bridge attack and previous attacks on Britain, three in as many months, I reflected on terrorism, wondering if it could be stopped. (But not if the United States sells weapons to Saudi Arabia.)

Terrorism is extremely difficult to quell. The mind of a terrorist is inflexible. He or she has been radicalized through indoctrination.  A terrorist probably thinks his victims deserve to die. Moreover, ISIL terrorists kill in the name of Allah and are probably looked upon as martyrs by fellow terrorists.

Martyrdom may explain why ISIL claims responsibility for acts of terrorism perpetrated by a Muslim, even if…

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Croatia: No Apology For Defending People And Country

Croatia, the War, and the Future

Article 51 of the UN Charter clearly recognises “the inherent right of individual or collective self-defence if an armed attack occurs against a Member of the United Nations” by anyone. To put it further, the inherent right to self-defence extends to all, whether members of the UN or not.

But it seems this right to self-defence has eluded a group of youth in Croatia that operates under the banner of Human Right initiatives, causing community outrage and despair for justice.

A number of small but publicly visible campaign posters, entitled ‘Apology’ (set against the background photo of Serbs leaving Croatia in cars and carts filled with their belongings after the Operation Storm in August 1995] appeared inside Zagreb’s trams this week. Jumbo-posters have appeared alongside roadways.

One cannot but express dismay and shock at even the thought as to who among authorities permitted these posters to be displayed.

The malicious…

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