Democrat Lawmaker who Opposed Food-Stamp Fraud Legislation…Guilty of Food-Stamp Fraud…

Put someone in charge of looking after people’s welfare and they use it fir their own ends …

Trigger Reset

This should help to clarify the left’s opposition to:

  1. Gun Rights

  2. Ending Voter Fraud

  3. The Police

  4. GOD

  5. The U.S. Constitution

  6. Border Security

A state grand jury has indicted Arizona Democratic lawmaker Cecilia “Ceci” Velasquez for allegedly ripping off the federal food-stamp program.

Unsealed on Wednesday but signed on May 23, the indictment charges Velasquez, 42, with one felony count each of fraudulent schemes and practices, unlawful use of food stamps, and theft. The total loss to the state, which distributes federal funds it receives for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), was $1,726.

Velasquez was elected in 2014 to represent Legislative District 29, which includes parts of Glendale and Velasquez’s reported hometown of Litchfield Park. She’d be forced out of office if convicted of a felony.

This is the second time the former paralegal and mother of five children has been in legal trouble in her short political career. As Channel 12…

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