Malaysia: Launching of Report on Rights of Foreign Domestic Workers

So often people underpaid in this world have their human rights trampled by those that are so called in charge of our world and think that they have the right to assert themselves as almighty even to the gods of good and evil …

The Human Lens


There are now 53 million domestic workers worldwide – many of them  work in hard conditions deprived of their rights and basic dignity. The harsh social inequalities in many societies are responsible for many human rights abuses that continue unchecked in many a homes.

Within ASEAN region, the treatment meted out to foreign domestic workers is very much under the debate.Last year,  ILO and UN Women partnered with the University of Oxford Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS) for carrying out an innovative research on migrant domestic workers in Thailand and Malaysia.

This study provided important insights on domestic workers’ issues and  concludes with recommendations for policy makers, employers, civil society and the media on how they can contribute to improving the situation of migrant domestic workers in Thailand and Malaysia.

In the second phase of this project, this year in May, ILO and its partners have launched a…

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What do Each of these Red Dots Represent? And Why is There ONE Nation Without any Red Dots???

#AceNewsDesk – Excellent news more member states need to vacate

Trigger Reset

Poland has steadfastly refused to accept any of the third-world, idol-worshiping “refugees.” As a result of their common sense approach and their simple grasp of reality…they have had NO terror attacks.

No gang rapes. No trucks running over Christians at Christmas. No shooting and torture of young people at music concerts. No heads sawed off.



Great job, Poland.

TerrorMap3 Map from Rush Limbaugh.

Stand firm against the politically correct madness that has infected most of the rest of Europe, laid bare the throats of their citizens to the blades of evil islam, and offered up their sons and daughters for the amusement of savages.

There’s a simple way to avoid muslim terror: Avoid muslims.


This Young Polish Lady Explains what the Left Cannot Grasp…

As carnage unfolds all around them, Poland is “learning from the mistakes of others” in preventing terrorist attacks at the hands of Islamic extremists

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Axon offers one year of free licenses, body cameras, and mobile apps for all Canadian law enforcement

Strategic Defence Intelligence

body camAxon, the global leader in connected law enforcement technologies, announced that it would extend its free cloud-based evidence management and body camera trial program to include all Canadian police agencies.

The program, which was originally launched in the United States in April of this year, provides usage, body-worn cameras, training, and supporting hardware free of charge for up to one year to any interested agency. To learn more about the offer, visit Axon at booths #213, #215, #312, and #314 at the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Conference in Montréal from July 16-19.

Along with its next generation body-worn cameras, Axon’s solution has helped to shepherd in a new era of evidence management in public safety. By offering an interoperable platform, helps law enforcement and justice agencies greatly increase their efficiency by reducing the need for unwieldy processes associated with sharing information on CDs, DVDs, and other methods of in-house…

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