This awe-inspiring video showing ethereal views of Earth from space will blow your mind

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The awe-inspiring views astronauts get of the Earth from space are glimpsed in a stunning new video.

#AceWorldNews – Dec.11: The short film from The Royal Institution shows video clips taken from space craft and satellites, the likes of which have been imitated in films like Star Wars and Gravity.

From above the Earth it’s no surprise the emerald northern lights, and sleeping cities mapped by golden lights, look seriously spectacular.

But did you know that lightning storms are visible from space? That’s pretty much blown our minds.

For the short video, seasoned astronauts Helen Sharman, Daniel Tani, Michael Barratt and Jean-Francois Clervoy give their experiences of their time floating about amongst the stars.

Barratt says: ‘All of us are wired to appreciate natural beauty… And when your planet that way in its sum total from space all those senses kind of get overwhelmed.’

He describes the Earth as a ‘perpetual dynamic picture show’… Read the full story

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